Why involuntary hospitalization cannot be the solution to violence

In cases like mine and too many others, civil commitment in psychiatric hospitals can cause damage outweighing any benefits.

Image: Stateline, ABC News

The harsh realities of hospitalization

Patients who misbehaved could be denied outdoor time — it was treated as a privilege, regardless of its therapeutic benefits.

Image: Marco Verch, Flickr

When leaving the hospital isn’t the end of the story

Image: paulbr75, Pixabay

Fighting a war on two fronts: internal and external

Image: Sagar Soneji, Pexels

I almost felt guilty for leaving him to fend for himself when I was ready to be discharged.

I pretended to be better than I was, because I couldn’t handle being there anymore.

Dealing with the fallout is (at least) half the battle

People like me are the lucky ones

Image: mohamed_hassan, Pixabay

Think about what can happen to patients in these hospitals, those who are a danger to no one but themselves, if we start using them to warehouse anyone with violent tendencies.

Ryan received xyr AA in ASL (2019) & is studying Science Journalism for xyr BA (Evergreen State, 2021). Xe is an Autistic, queer, non-binary crip.

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