Photos: Capturing the winter-spring boundary

Late winter snow and spring’s new growth in Olympia, Washington

The view across the recreation fields outside our apartment as snow continued to fall.
A table near our Housing Community Center reading: Bernie 2020~Medicare for All
The bench by the table, reading: Wash ur hands =)
A stump being decomposed by (now very unhappy) mushrooms near the student apartments.
Flower blossoms on the Indian plum plant, the first plant to blossom in the spring and the first to lose its leaves in the summer or fall.
These daisies bloomed a few days ago, but today their petals are all scrunched up.
These daisies and dandelions in particular are having a rough day.
A dandelion topped with some fresh snow.
A Western hemlock branch with some new growth, weighed down by snow and water droplets.
A particularly heavy water droplet on one of the branches.
Hemlock cones with some falling snow in the foreground and a strand of a web in front of one of the cones.
More hemlock cones, with the same strand of web toward the upper left corner.

rose is a Mad, Autistic, Plural crip. e received eir AA in ASL (2019) & is studying creative writing at Evergreen State College.

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