Reviewing Sins Invalid’s 2020 climate-chaos-themed performance

We dedicate this show
to our ancestors,
especially beloved community
members incarcerated in
detention centers,
nursing homes,
prisons, jails,
those lost through
the COVID-19 pandemic,
and the countless others
lost in climate catastrophes.

We dedicate this performance
to all those fighting
for the survival of
our earth
and all of her creations…

Delivery work was hard enough before the pandemic. Now, it’s flat-out unsafe.

Around two weeks ago, I cancelled all of my upcoming DoorDash shifts. I had only managed to get my location updated from Southern California to Washington state a few weeks earlier after moving in September, and I’d hoped I could re-establish a steady income stream. …

Image courtesy the author

Or, the mundane consequences of doing too little, too late

Every week for most of the past three years, I’ve given myself an intramuscular injection of testosterone. This is common among transgender people who were assigned female at birth (AFAB), like myself. Like any self-administered injection, though, this process has its risks.

And today, after three hours of class via…

Insensitive comments and failure to seek basic information are the new normal

At dinner tonight, I overheard a fellow Evergreen State College student refer to COVID-19 as God answering their prayers (because it kills old people, who are bad drivers). Another person at their table said they’d still come to the dining hall even if they were sick. …

a poetic expression of existential fear

each morning I wake, each breath I take

tainted by fear, by knowing the stakes

each minute we waste, living by our luxurious tastes

borrows time from my generation, seals our children’s fate

the lives we enjoy, the gadgets, clothes, and toys

strip wealth from our Earth, to give moments…

rose iris theodosia elysium

rose is a Mad, Autistic, Plural crip. e received eir AA in ASL (2019) & is studying creative writing at Evergreen State College.

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